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The Process

What makes MGA different?


Our unique process which is tried and tested over the last 15 years comprises of 4 stages :

  • Research
  • Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Follow Up


Our process begins with our development of information on your organization, competition and industry. We interact and believe in passionately listening to your senior executives to better understand the position requirements, business philosophy and assignment goals.

Using the guidelines provided by you, we develop basic position requisites, or we may use your own, to delineate responsibilities, reporting relationships and required education experience.


Our marketing and strategic research then steps in to identify sources that are likely to produce candidates in a timely manner and efficiently. As a first step our constantly growing, strong, active database provides suitable candidates to your organization.

Identification leads to evaluation as soon as a potential candidate, showing the required experience and interest, is located.


At this stage, the MGA Team initiates first contacts and engagements with the prospects who meet the position specifications. We determine who has established patterns of accomplishment and success in positions which closely mirror the needs of your position. The process is designed to yield several potential candidates with high profiles of excellence which your company is seeking. Other commentary and data is submitted with the candidates' resumes.

At your discretion, profiles of the candidates you are interested in are reviewed and submitted for further approval.

Follow up

Once we have submitted the short listed candidates to your executives, we facilitate the entire process by follow up.

  • coordinating the interviews
  • prepping the client and candidate
  • getting the feedback from client and candidates
  • sharing the feedback
  • completing reference checks, and the security clearancek



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